Meet challenging business challenges head on

A foundational requirement for any organization, identity management is gaining renewed scrutiny by security leaders for good reasons: The constant change of digital transformation and work-from-home labor forces means new challenges in IDM. At SAAN INTERNATIONAL, we keep pace with the changes and ensure your IDM does, too.

Strategy that aligns with your business

We make sure your IDM program aligns with your broader business strategies.

Clear documentation

We help you tell the story of change to leadership stakeholders and gain the buy-in you need.

Architecture design and strategy

We develop and design your technology implementation to ensure measurable outcomes.


Meet challenging business challenges head on

Cloud, hybrid cloud, data center, on prem: No matter your environment, your data protection needs to scale seamlessly across systems. SAAN INTERNATIONAL industry-leading technical team helps you develop effective data-access management programs for employees—as well as customers and business partners—that are deeply integrated with your IAM program. 

Identity governance

The rapid adoption of public and hybrid-cloud has increased the number of identities organizations need to manage. Against this backdrop, an immaturely designed identity strategy can generate fines, decrease security and hamper innovation. Defy’s team can help you create and execute a well-defined identity strategy that meets today’s challenges, optimizes costs and improves operational efficiencies.